The agreement when hiring a DJ with equipment is binding from the moment the customer has submitted the contact and party information requested, and the supplier (Lej-en-DJ.dk) confirms the order by mail. Once the order is confirmed, the buyer waives any cancellation rights.

The contract is signed with usual conditions regarding force majeure (Strike, lockout, war, hurricanes, storms, accidents, epidemics, havari or other matters of material damages) meaning Lej-en-dj.dk is not liable for delivering the service if there is announced a ministerial ban preventing the event from being held. Lej-en-dj.dk’s conditions og purchase are still applicable during force majeure. It is incumbent on Lej-en-dj.dk to take the necessary measurements to ensure that the delivery of the service follows the time schedule, regardless of delays or cancellation of transport means.

In cases where equipment is to be carried up stairs, the responsibility lies with the customer to transfer the equipment to the room, unless other agreements have been made. Lej-en-dj.dk always carries and sets up all equipment from the street into any venue at ground level. If no elevators are available at the venue, the customer holds the responsibility of caring the equipment up the stairs unless anything else has been agreed upon.

Payment occurs after Lej-en-dj.dk has sent the confirmation to the customer. The payment is paid in two separate installments unless any other agreement has been made. The first installment is to be paid within 8 days from the date the invoice is issued. The second rate is settled close to the event (usually 10 days before the event).

Half of the settled price is to be paid if a cancellation is made within the first 30 days, after the agreement is made. After the 30th day (day 31) of the contract, the customer is liable to pay the full price of the payment. Supposing the event is due less than 30 days after the agreement has been sent, the customer is liable to pay the full price for the event.

If the customer has not fulfilled the obligations in regards to paying the first installments, or other invoices before the day of the event, then Lej-en-dj.dk is not liable to deliver any kind of service on the scheduled day. However, the customer is still liable for the full payment even though no service has been received.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure Lej-en-dj.dk has received the correct information regarding the amount of participants. Lej-en-dj.dk always delivers, unless another agreement is made, sound and lighting equipment covering up to 60 participants.

Any adjustments made (change in time frame, amount of guests, equipment or setup) after the binding contract with a settled price is in place, may affect the price differently in each individual case. However, the original price cannot be guaranteed upon alterations of the already formed contract.

Under normal circumstances the DJ arrives 30 – 60 minutes before the agreed commencing time, unless the customer has purchased an early set up of the equipment.

It is the DJ’s right to refuse any performance if the buyer is not fulfilling the obligations. Lej-en-DJ.dk is still entitled to receive the full price for the event in those cases where the DJ is incapable of performing.

On the occasion where buyer finds Lej-en-DJ.dk incapable of fulfilling the standards of the contract, buyer is obligated to contact Lej-en-DJ.dk during the delivery of the service. The contact have to be made via phone on 7044 4490. If buyer is of the opinion, that there is a breach of contract, and omit to inform Lej-en-DJ.dk during the delivery, any possible compensations-fee is annulled.

Buyer is liable for covering the costs for any damage caused to the rented equipment, if the damage is caused by irresponsible behaviour.

Lej-en-DJ.dk is not responsible for any compensation in the case of fire, water damage or any malfunctions during the event.

The supplier is not obligated to undertake any reparations or replacements on the rented equipment during the the rentind period.

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