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We have made the decision of making our prices transparent, since we believe you should be able to have a detailed overview of your order from the very beginning. Therefore, it is possible for you to calculate the price when booking a DJ, by utilizing our price calculator. You only must provide us with the following information: Type of DJ, date of the event and the timeframe (number of hours). Furthermore, it is possible to add extra features to your order. You can find the add-ons just below this text-section.

You have the possibility to choose between three different types of DJ’s. Here you will find an in depth description of the three different categories (what type of DJ?).

DJ for wedding: When you choose “DJ for wedding” you are ensured a DJ with many years of wedding experience. Your DJ is fully aware of all the wedding traditions, and is focused on amplifying the important moments in razor-sharp timing. We organize and adjust the music according to the course of the party, speeches and festive elements that may occur. Naturally in synergy with the toastmaster.

DJ for adult party: When you choose “DJ for adult party” you are ensured a DJ with many years of experience from birthday parties, Christmas lunches, corporate parties and confirmations. Your DJ has a broad knowledge of classic hits from the 60s to today. In addition, the DJ is aware of the possible age spread between your guests and adjusts the music accordingly.

DJ for youth party: When you choose “DJ for youth party” you are ensured a DJ with many years of experience from 18 years of birthdays, school graduation parties, high school parties and youth parties in general. Your DJ has a broad knowledge of the best hits of the last 15 years. In addition, the DJ focuses, in particular, on today's hits and the artists / genres that young people are listening to.

You can find more information about the price calculator in our catalog.

What type of DJ?

*Our DJs have a customer satisfaction score of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

The date of the party?

*The price is at its lowest on this date.

What time should we play?

From 18:00 to 02:00

Would you like some add-ons?

By default, we always bring a DJ desk, 2 speakers, 2 lighting effects to the dance floor & a skilled DJ.

Early set-up of equipment

Microphone for speeches

White cloths on stands

Extra light for the dance floor (at least 5 light effects)

Uplights (wall lighting)

Recommended extra sound for more than 60 guests

Disco Ball

Smoke machine

Du skal vælge typen af DJ
*The illustration above is for guidance (equipment may vary).

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